Hailing from across the globe, amethyst finds itself among the gods on pages of Greek and Egyptian history books. It is believed that the tears of the Greek god Dionysus turned a crystalline quartz statue the shade of purple that amethyst is known for today (no records have been found to support this, but it’s an entertaining idea, nonetheless). (wikipedia)

Amethyst is rated at a durable ‘7’ on the Moh’s Hardness Scale, making it suitable for everyday wear in most pieces of jewelry. Amethyst worn in everyday-style rings tend to require re-polishing after a number of years. This stone ranges in differing hues of purple, from a light lilac to a more intense and sought after shade of purple.

A few interesting facts about amethyst:

  • mined around the world, including the North Shore of Minnesota
  • can exhibit color zoning (or variations of purples within the stone)
  • birthstone for the month of February, as well as the gemstone for the 6th & 17th wedding anniversaries
  • once valued at the same price as rubies, sapphires, and emeralds
  • requires general care and maintenance, including the avoidance of direct sunlight (as it can cause it to lose its purple color, if it has been treated) and harsh chemicals and harsh blows/impacts

As always, we invite our customers in to have their amethyst (and other jewelry pieces) checked and cleaned often (at least twice per year).

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